Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Coloniale Estates School


PowerSchool – Parent and Student Portal

Parents and students can access current grades and attendance with PowerSchool student information system.

All parents are urged to sign up for PowerSchool accounts as soon as possible. Students can log in using their existing school network login information.

Parent accounts carry over from year to year and from schools within Black Gold. If you require assistance setting up your PowerSchool access or if you have any questions, please call 780.929.5904 or e-mail

**Please note: when setting up your User ID, do not use an e-mail address. We suggest the following format for User ID: firstname.lastname (e.g. joan.smith)

Click HERE to link to PowerSchool


Changing Parent Preferences

Click on the link below for instructions on how to update your contact options (phone/email/SMS).

Changing Parent Preferences


Report Cards and Grading Scale

Assessment reporting is moving away from a three times a year report card to a continuous system of on-line reporting. As students complete summative assessments teachers will be posting the results to PowerSchool where parents have access to view their child’s performance throughout the year. This change allows for improved communication regarding student performance as it is more timely and enables parents to be continuously aware of how their child is performing.

Parent PowerSchool access is already used by parents for such things as filling out field trip forms, making payments, and checking attendance. Adding student performance information is the next step in centralizing information for parents.

So what are the big changes:
● There will no longer be report cards sent home. There will still be end of term reporting but this will be accessed online through PowerSchool.
● Teacher comments will be online through PowerSchool and will be more focused on specific assignments.
● Parent Teacher interviews will still be scheduled for November and March. Parents will want to look at their child’s term summaries as a point of reflection at the P/T interviews.
● Should a child leave the school a report will be generated and included in the child’s cumulative record so that the receiving school has the most up-to-date assessment information available.

Remember, PowerSchool is only one way of communicating student performance. If you have a concern about your child please contact your child’s teacher directly.

BGRS has standardized reporting of summative assessment across the school jurisdiction. The link below summarizes the grading scale.

Grading Scale