École Coloniale Estates School

Option Descriptions

 Grade 7 and 8  Options

Art (Sketching, Drawing, Painting Sculpture, Paper Mache etc.) Students will focus on traditional types of art media including painting, sketching, and drawing using a variety of materials.  This is a very “hands on” type of course.

Drama The overall goal of Drama is to foster a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore roles and build skills like mental concentration, body awareness, speech, improvisation, and sensory awareness.  This is done through games, activities, and individual and group participation. You will also study theatre, work on skits and perform for the school and parents.

Foods  Simple basic cooking is the main focus of this course.  Prior to any cooking being done, students must complete prerequisite work in sanitation and safety.

Outdoor Education  Students take part in a variety of Outdoor Ed. related activities ranging from outdoor cooking, navigation skills, biking, hiking, wall climbing, survival games as well as other activities that may be planned based on instructor and student interest.  Students should be prepared to participate outside in most weather conditions.  Students will also learn to organize, run and officiate various sports.

Robotics This class will focus mainly on learning how to use Lego Mindstorm Robots.  We will go on a field trip to the Telus World of Science and learn how to program our robots to accomplish a variety of challenges and also see examples of Canadian robotics used in space.  We will also learn some of the history of robotics, current examples, and future innovations.

Sports Select In this option, students will have to opportunity to explore different games and sports which are traditionally not part of the Physical Education Program.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in cooperative games such as curling, broomball, Inuit Games, luge, cross country skiing, racquet  sports (tennis) cycling, wall climbing etc. There is an additional cost of $10, over the option fee.