Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Coloniale Estates School



Attending school in K – 8 can be challenging, rewarding and fun. One of the goals we have for our students is that they will develop the skills and attributes necessary for them to be the kind of people we would want to “move next door” to us. In other words, good neighbours. Another goal is to help students gain a well-rounded education combining academics, fine arts, physical activity and the opportunity to explore a variety of areas of interest. This year we will continue to place special emphasis on character education and environmental awareness. The staff from École Coloniale Estates School welcomes you and your parents. Bienvenue à une nouvelle année scolaire!



At ÉCES, we strive to inspire success through excellence and perseverance. We recognize that our students come from diverse backgrounds and are contributing members of an evolving global society. We encourage responsibility, engagement, and inquiry in students as they connect with others, the curricula, and the world around them.



Staff, students, and families collaborate to establish an innovative learning community to prepare our children for their futures.




“Let Our Actions Speak Louder than Words”


Let our actions demonstrate complete honesty.


Let our actions value the rights and opinions of others.


Let our actions lend Strength, Encouragement and Compassion to others.


Let our actions applaud every accomplishment – Big or Small.


Let our actions communicate enthusiasm for creative thought.


Let our actions celebrate our differences and foster a sense of belonging.



Hours of Operation

8:00 am – Office Opens

8:20 am – Students Enter

8:25 am – Attendance, O Canada, classes start

10:30 am – Recess /Jr. High Break/Snack

10:40 am – Classes Resume (Jr. High)

10:45 am – Classes Resume (Elementary)

12:05 pm – Noon Recess and Activities

12:30 pm – Lunch Eating Period

12:55 pm – Attendance & Classes Resume

2:55 pm – Students Dismissed

4:00 pm – Office Closes



First Wednesday of each month, October – June

(Bus times will be adjusted on those afternoons)


Website: and follow the links.

Daily Announcements are also posted on our site.


Bell Schedule

8:20 am – Warning Bell

8:25 am – Attendance/O Canada/Announcements

8:30 am – Period ONE

9:10 am – Period TWO

9:50 am – Period THREE

10:30 am – Recess

10:45 am – Period FOUR

11:25 am – Period FIVE

12:05 pm – Noon Recess

12:30 pm – Lunch Hour

12:55 pm – Period SIX

1:35 pm – Period SEVEN

2:15 pm – Period EIGHT

2:55 pm – Dismissal



Homework is assigned at the teacher’s discretion. They will not assign anything new (only finish up). Junior High students and their parents are encouraged to review Power School on a regular basis.



School is the students’ current profession. As a result, students are expected to dress appropriately for their profession. Students should not wear their hats or hoodies on their heads in school, or their coats/ jackets to class. Clothing should not display language, pictures or graphics which are offensive, crude, obscene, sexual, or which promote alcohol or drug use. Students should wear their clothing in such a way that their stomachs, underwear or bra is not exposed; shorts should, at a minimum, go down to at least their fingertips.



Shoes must be worn indoors and be non-marking. Dirty/wet footwear must be removed when entering the school.

P.E. footwear must be appropriate to the activity.



Students are expected to bring a change of clothes (shorts and shirt) for use in their P.E. classes. Gym clothes should be taken home weekly for cleaning. For safety reasons, students should not wear jewellery or watches during P.E. Valuables should not be taken to their P.E. class



These awards recognize outstanding academic achievement, athletics, citizenship, service, French, band, visual arts and drama in Junior High. Students with Honours and Honours with Distinction are awarded certificates at the final assembly or in report cards.

Honours and Honours with Distinction

To receive Honours: Students must maintain a combined average of 80% in their year’s work in the core subjects.

To receive Honours with Distinction:  As above with an average of 90% in core subjects, with one mark permitted to be under 90%.

Core Subjects are Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, Social Studies and French Language Arts (Immersion students only).

All non-core subjects, students must be meeting expectations (ME).

The EAGLE Award is given by the ÉCES School Council once during a student’s career at ÉCES to exemplify the Eagle Values. One student per K to Grade 8 homeroom will be recognized for the qualities which we value.

E-enthusiastic A-attitude G-good-hearted L-loyal E-earnest

Student of the Year is given to the Junior High student who demonstrates above average leadership, citizenship, athletic and academic skills.



School Wide Assemblies are held throughout the year. They will generally occur the first Friday of each month. During assemblies, students are recognized for their achievements in many aspects of school and community life. There are also guest speakers, cultural events, and special presentations.



Student progress is measured on an on-going basis by way of teacher tests, standardized tests, assignments, homework, in-class participation, anecdotal records and examples of student work. Progress is formally reported three times over the year. There are two formal opportunities for parent/teacher conferences. The conferences are held in November and March. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers at any time during the school year to discuss their child’s progress.



French Immersion may be described as a school program in which students receive most of their instruction in French from a teacher who speaks French fluently. Designed specifically for children whose first language is not French, this program enables students to become functionally bilingual. Curriculum guidelines ensure that immersion programs meet the same general objectives as English language programs. An important key to success is a positive attitude in the home toward the language and the program. Parents are encouraged to visit the Canadian Parents for French website at  for valuable information and support.  Parental support and encouragement are major contributors to a child’s success in both French Immersion and English programs.



Absences and Safety Phone (780-929-5904–24hrs/day) Parents of students who are unaccounted for are phoned. Parents are requested to phone the school ahead of time if they know their child will be away or late. This also helps to prevent the parent from being interrupted at work or at home.

Supervision is provided before school beginning at 8:05 am, during breaks including lunch, recesses, and for ten minutes after school.

Emergency Drills occur throughout the year.  These include practice for severe weather, lock-down, and fire drills/emergency evacuation.

Students Leaving School Before Dismissal: Parents are asked to come to the office and sign out their child when picking up their child during school hours.

Visitors & Parents Report to the Office:  Individuals who are not staff members or students of École Coloniale Estates School are required to report to the office and wear a visitor tag. This includes parents, visitors, and volunteers.

Security Cameras are located at various locations.  Security cameras are only viewed if an incident occurs and only by a staff member.

Bad Weather – Bus and School Closures: Black Gold Regional School District makes a decision by 6:00 a.m. Information on school bus cancellation is reported on local radio stations and also on Global and City TV. If it is possible, a message will also be placed on the after-hours line for Black Gold Regional Schools at 780-955-6025. If an individual bus driver cancels his/her bus, he/she is responsible for contacting the student’s parents.

Indoor Recess: The administration will decide between indoor and outdoor recesses when the weather drops to -20C including the wind chill.

Recess: Elementary students are required to stay on school property and within the identified boundaries.  Junior High students may leave the school property at lunch, as a privilege, with parental permission.



The School Act is explicit in its expectations regarding the requirement that all students under the age of sixteen shall attend school. Education research is equally clear in its confirmation that regular and punctual attendance benefit both individual students and their classmates. Records of student attendance are to be maintained by homeroom teachers in the prescribed format. When a student’s absence or tardiness reaches identified levels, the following actions should be taken:

i)  After a minimum of 5% or 5 yearly absences or 3 in the same month

-verbal notification to the parents

ii) After a minimum of 8% or 8 yearly absences or 6 in the same month

-written notification to the parents

iii) After a minimum of 11% or 11 yearly absences or 9 in the same month

-formal referral to the assistant principal

-written notification to the parents by the assistant principal. Should this continue, the                 matter will be referred to the Student Services Director in Central Office.

The administrators will perform a year-to-date and a monthly check of students’ attendance at the end of each month.  This will identify any students who have reached one of the three levels.  The administration will then forward the names of the offending students to the teachers for the appropriate follow-up.



In each of the three reporting periods, a student will be permitted three unexcused lates for registration, morning or afternoon.

All students, who are late, must report to the office.  A late student will be given a “Late Slip” with the arrival time indicated before going to class.

Any student exceeding the three unexcused lates will be addressed as follows, based on the total number of lates in the reporting period:

More than 3, less than 6 lates: Teacher/administrator will make contact with home and the student will meet with administration to discuss and establish on-time routines.

More than 5, less than 8: Administration and the frequent unpunctual student will meet during lunch hours to discuss/revisit on-time routines. Additional support may be brought in to assist with the student arriving at school on time (i.e. Peer assistance, bussing if available, wake-up calls).

8 or more lates: Administration will host a meeting with the student and parents/guardians to discuss alternatives and consequences. Consequences may involve making up the school time lost before or after school to work on materials missed and/or school enhancement projects.



Field trips are beneficial for a variety of educationally sound reasons. The teacher sponsoring the field trip will inform the parents, in writing, of the details. Informed written consent is then made by the parent. It is our school policy to use busses whenever feasible. In some cases, teachers may choose to ask parents to drive. Parents who drive on a field trip have to meet certain requirements including driver’s license, insurance and authorization from the principal. For more information and for the necessary forms, please contact the office.



We strive to provide support for students who are experiencing emotional, social, or behavioural challenges which affect their learning and personal well-being in the school setting. We also are available for consultation with staff, administration and parents to develop strategies to improve student success. The counsellor often initiates referrals to community counsellors and related agencies such as FSLW (Family Student Liaison Worker) and/or FCSS (Family Community Support Services). Students can request counselling or can be referred to the counsellor by their teacher or parent.



It is expected that students conduct themselves in a manner which respects the rights of other people (i.e. students, staff and guests). This expectation extends beyond the school property to include school busses, school sponsored activities, and travelling to and from school. The School Act of Alberta States:

“A Student shall conduct him/herself so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:

a.     be diligent in pursuing his/her studies;

b.    attend school regularly and punctually;

c.     cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the Board to provide education programs and other services;

d.    comply with the rules of the school;

e.     account to his/her teachers for his/her conduct;

f.     respect the rights of others.”


General Rules for École Coloniale Estates School:

Students are prohibited from having in their possession:  weapons, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, and drug paraphernalia.

Hands Off. Physical contact is only permitted as a normal part of the physical education program and regular games. No public display of affection is allowed.

Activities likely to lead to deliberate or accidental student injury are not allowed.  Such activities include, but are not limited to: fighting, play-fighting, pushing, shoving, tripping, kicking, biting, and running in the halls or classrooms.

Teasing and/or harassment are not allowed. Such activities include, but are not limited to: name calling, knowingly spreading false information, humiliation, and intimidation.

Vandalism is prohibited. This applies, but is not limited to: the school building and its fixtures; texts and other learning resources; and personal belongings of staff, students or members of the community.

Bikes, Skateboards, Rollerblades, Scooters, etc. These items are not to be used once the student has arrived on school property. The items should either be locked to the bike rack or secured in the fenced compound. These items are not allowed to be used during recesses. Students must wear protective helmets when riding their bikes. It is the law.  Protective equipment is also recommended when using rollerblades, scooters or skateboards. In addition, if you see any equipment that may be unsafe or in need of repair, please let someone in the office know, so it can be fixed before someone is injured.

Cell phones and media devices are only to be used in the classroom, as agreed upon by the teacher for learning. They are not permitted in any bathroom or change room EVER.


Consequences & Processes for Student Misconduct

All staff members are empowered to deal with acts of misconduct. We follow tiered intervention, ranging from a warning to removal from class. Serious or on-going misconducts are referred to the office. In addition to consequences, counselling is often employed to assist students. The goal is to have students gain the skills and confidence necessary to take responsibility for their actions and make better choices.

Students are expected to follow the conduct policy. All members of the school are expected to hold true to our school values of Integrity, Respect, Support, Success, Inspiration and Community. Whereas not every scenario can be covered in a conduct policy, we believe that our values are our guiding principles.

Every student gets what he/she needs. This means that fair does not always mean the same. Every child has the right to be safe and to learn. Discipline and consequences about other students are not shared.



The number and variety of complementary courses increase as students move into the higher grades. Catholic Religious Education is offered as a complementary course, which includes a Character Education component. By grade 7 and 8, students will have the opportunity to explore six different Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) courses. We believe students should have the opportunity to explore a variety of interests during the middle years of education so they are in a better position to make good course selection decisions once they enter high school.



Students are expected to eat in the assigned and supervised rooms. Students are not to eat outside or in the halls for the sake of safety and cleanliness. All students are encouraged to make healthy choices for lunch and adhere to class expectations.



It is expected that students who are ill will remain at home. However, if students become ill at school, they may request to use the infirmary. Under ordinary conditions, medication will not be administered by staff. Special arrangements can be made with administration. All medication (including aspirin, etc.) must be provided by the parents in the required dosage in well-labelled containers or receptacles. The medication may be safe-guarded by staff, but it is to be self-administered by the child. Forms are available from the school office.



Grade 7 & 8 = $55.00 Fee for Complementary Courses


Fee Payments and Arrangements

We encourage making payments online through Acorn (online payment program).  Parents may call the office to make payment arrangements if necessary. Please be pro-active and contact the school if there is a problem with paying fees. School fees are determined by the school board and go toward instructional materials. If you have any questions regarding your fees or need assistance with passwords, etc. please contact the office. Unpaid fees are forwarded to a collection agency.



Payments through Acorn (online payment program) are preferred. If you send money please follow protocol. Cash should always be sent in a sealed envelope. Write the student’s name, homeroom, amount enclosed and purpose on the front of the envelope.  Make cheques payable to ÉCES unless otherwise indicated.



Teachers and parents volunteer their time to run an extensive array of extra-curricular activities for the students of our school. We appreciate their efforts and support.  Notification of these activities will be announced during school announcements and included in newsletters.



École Coloniale Estates School is an environmentally friendly school. Everyone is encouraged to recycle and reuse all possible materials. Every room is provided with containers in which students can place items to be recycled or reused. Once a week, the recycling is collected, sorted and then delivered to a recycling depot. Our thanks to all who participate in this program – we all benefit!



The École Coloniale Estates School Council is a team of parents who volunteer their time to help out at our school. The School Council provides an avenue for parental input concerning the operation and administration of our school. Our School Council is always looking for help on various committees and projects, thus your support and participation in meetings, committee work, etc. is always welcomed. Please call the school for further information.



Our School Council sponsors a hot lunch program which runs on a regular basis. Order forms are available on-line on the school’s website. Please take notice of any special notes on the hot lunch order forms. Many thanks to all the parents who help to make this program a success! Hot Lunch dates are marked on the monthly calendar.



École Coloniale Estates School and its property are smoke-free. These have been designated so by Black Gold Regional School District, as per provincial law.



Our monthly newsletter will be sent to parents via email. It is also available on our website ( As a school, we are making every effort to go “Green”. In saying that, we understand that not everyone has access to the internet. If you would like a paper copy of the monthly newsletter there are copies available in the office.



Students at our school benefit greatly from additional parental help and assistance in many school activities. If you would like to help out at our school, simply notify the office or homeroom teacher and an appropriate “Volunteer Form” will be sent home. Also, please list any special interests which you may have so that we can best make use of your expertise. Always check into the office when you enter the school to sign in and receive your volunteer tag. A reminder that parents attending overnight field trips require a Vulnerable Sector Check (RCMP) and an Intervention Record Check (Child and Family Services).



We have a number of students in our school who are extremely allergic to animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. As a result, we request staff, students, and visitors to refrain from bringing their pets to school.



The lane directly in front of the school is a bus lane. This bus lane must be kept clear in the mornings and after school. Safety for our students is our main concern. If you are planning to pick-up your child after school please wait until the buses have left (approximately 3:05 pm).



Following every reporting period Lost and Found items will be boxed up and donated to local charities.



Please click  to access the ÉCES calendar.