Black Gold School Division
École Coloniale Estates School

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 Day 3

Grade 5/6 girls have floor hockey today at 12:05.

Did you know that the Town of Mundare is famous?
Did you know:
1 – Its biggest tourist attraction is the world’s largest sausage ever? (Taller than our school. Heavier than all grade 8’s combined. Built to withstand winds of 160 km/hr)
Did you know:
2 – Its sausage is an approved festival supplement for any polka related activity?
Did you know:
3 – It’s been the Official Supplier of Protein for Grade Eight Year End Trips since 1992?
Did you know:
4 – That Mundare Sausage Order Forms are due tomorrow???
Thank you for your support. Send a grade 8 kid to camp!
A reminder that Choir club will not rehearse until Thursday. All members are asked to come for tomorrow’s important practice.