Black Gold School Division
École Coloniale Estates School

Wednesday, December 21th, 2016 Day 3

Junior Girls basketball meeting today at 12:05 at the community entrance.

Any students that would like to score keep basketball games in the new year please come let Mr. Shantz know at lunch today!  It is greatly appreciated.

Stick Up For Kids…Bake a Difference invites you to purchase their Stick Up for Kids baked goods during the lunch eating period today. We will have 2 tables set up – one at the entrance to pod one for Pod 1 students and one in the entrance for pod two for pod 2 students. Bring your quarters, loonies and toonies and stick up for kids!

Choir club for grades 3-6 will rehearse today during the noon recess. Please meet Mr. Choromiec in the gym.