Black Gold School Division
École Coloniale Estates School

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 Day 3

Hey, Hey it’s Yarnsday! We’re excited to host Yarn Love Club in the Library after school today until 4:00 PM. Ensure you have someone picking you up. See you there!

Badminton Club for Grades 5-6 today at lunch recess.

Kali Bears are now on sale.  You can get yours for $1 by the gym today at during the lunch eating period.

Can the SWAT members involved with the Hair Massacure please meet with Ms. Pascuzzo in her room, 302, at first recess for a quick meeting.

Henna Club!! This Friday in room 302.  If you would like to come and learn about Henna and get a cool design come to the Henna club.  It is free to participate, but you will need to get a permission form from the office and bring it back on Friday.  See you there.

Calling all grade 5, 6 girls! If you are interested in playing ball hockey there is a tryout TOMORROW after school from 3:00pm – 4:00pm in the gym.