École Coloniale Estates School


Jersey Day is Thursday May 23rd.


When we think about the running and planning for a school there are many considerations that come into play. First and foremost are the beliefs we collectively hold. At ÉCES we believe that:

  • Public education is foundational to our democracy and the most important undertaking of our generation.

  • Teachers make a critical difference in student achievement.

  • Engaging the student’s family and the community in the education process enhances learning and academic achievement while fostering a sense of community.

  • A prerequisite to learning is a safe nurturing environment.

  • Staff, parents and students have a shared responsibility in learning process.

  • Each student is, as an individual, valuable and unique, and our social and academic interactions should reflect this.

  • Curriculum and instruction should challenge students academically: foster intellectual curiosity, provide knowledge, develop effective communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as support students’ transition to the next stage of their education.

  • A love of learning should be fostered for all students and staff.

  • If students are truly to be in charge of their own learning, they need to be able to make real, meaningful decisions about their learning environment.

  • Learning is the natural state of human beings. Children have an intrinsic internal drive to master the world around them.

  • Finding value in the difference of others enriches the individual and the community.

  • People are naturally attuned to social interactions that should be used to enhance learning through cooperation and collaboration.

Our vision of education stems from our beliefs and looks far into the future to see what would be the state of affairs if all our beliefs were realized. Our vision for ÉCES is to be an exemplary school that realizes students’ strengths and builds upon a community of lifelong learners.

The mission statement for ÉCES can be thought of as broad inherent goals bundled together that when unpacked provide actionable items towards the school’s vision.  ÉCES has a mission to contribute in the development of responsible, self-sufficient citizens who are confident, capable, and curious and who will continue with individual growth, pursue knowledge and value differences in others as they learn about themselves, others and the world. This is accomplished through student interest and curiosity that is guided by a dedicated, knowledgeable staff that skilfully apply a comprehensive and responsive curriculum, consistently promote excellence and provide intellectually challenging educational programs that celebrate change but affirm tradition within a context that is personally meaningful for the student.