Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Coloniale Estates School

Fees & Payments

2018/19 School Fees

École Coloniale Estates School is committed to providing quality and affordable education and exceptional learning environments for our students.

As a result of Bill 1, all BGRD families will see the elimination of two types of fees –  Instructional Resource Fees for Basic Educational Services and Transportation Fees for Eligible (Funded) Students. See Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees Explained for more information.

Not all fees will be eliminated for École Coloniale Estates School families in 2018/19.

In order to offer enhanced educational opportunities for students, fees are established to offset the additional costs incurred. These fees must meet specific criteria and be clearly expressed on the school’s fee schedule. All fee schedules and fee policies are submitted annually for the Minister of Education’s review and approval. The approved fee schedule can be viewed by clicking the “Student Fees” button below.

Should your family be experiencing financial difficulties, please make an appointment with the Principal to discuss the situation and possible alternative solutions.

2018/19 Student Fees


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