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Hot Lunches

École Coloniale Estates SCHOOL COUNCIL presents:


The Hot Lunch Program is the School Council main fundraiser.  Funds raised from last year’s Hot Lunch Program helped support – school events, S.W.A.T. programs, Carnaval, and a portion of the SCHOOL SUPPLIES provided for all students this year.

Hot Lunch is served every Thursday from October-June (except holidays or PD Days).  Please consult your child’s class schedule for field trips, etc. as refunds will not be issued. While every effort is made to be accurate, the Coloniale Estates Hot Lunch program cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of the food orders.

Each monthly menu will have a cut off date for orders. The dates are posted in this letter, the  newsletter, the school calendar, and on the school Facebook page.  There are no exceptions to the cut-off date, as ordering is completed immediately.  You should receive weekly reminders of the upcoming menus on Sundays, so you know what you ordered.  If you do not, you need to log into your account and turn this option on.  It’s a great way to know if, and what, you ordered.

We will be releasing the menus in thirds, so to begin you will be able to order for dates in October to December, monthly or all at once.  See the next page for deadlines and dates.

DAY OF HOT LUNCH: should your child be sick or away from ECES on the day of Hot Lunch you must contact the school secretary before 11am to have your child’s Hot Lunch pulled and delivered to the office for pickup.  If you do not call the lunch will be resold.

The hot lunch program is a volunteer run program. Volunteers are always appreciated. If you would like to help, you can indicate this on the order form below each week’s order.  The Hot Lunch program can be reached at

Here’s how to get started…

  • Go to
  • Click on “Click Here to Register”
  • Enter Access Code ECEHL
  • Complete the rest of the registration form.  (Including your email address will ensure you receive reminder emails about your child’s hot lunch order for the upcoming week)
  • Click the “Register Now” button at the bottom
  • Follow the instructions to add each child in your family who attends École Coloniale Estates School
  • Once your child(ren) are registered, click on “Orders”
  • Proceed to order hot lunch for your child(ren)

We only accept hot lunch order payments online.  No cheque or cash payments will be accepted at any time. 

There will be a $0.25 fee charged per order to offset the cost of the online program and the payment processing fees.

The hot lunch online order system requires a small amount of setup time at the beginning as you must register each child you have attending our school prior to ordering hot lunch.  Once the initial setup process is complete, your hot lunch orders for the remainder of the year should be quick and simple.


October – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, October 5th

October 17 – Nitza’s Pizza

October 24 – Wild Wing

October 31 – Edo Japan

November – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, October 26th   

November 7 – Maina’s Donair

November 14 – Boston Pizza

November 21 – Tim Hortons

November 28 – Nitza’s Pizza

December – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, November 23rd

December 5 – McDonald’s

December 12 – Subway

December 19 – Wild Wing

January – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, December 21st

January 9 – Edo Japan

January 16 – Maina’s Donair

January 30 – Nitza’s Pizza

February – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, February 1st

February 13 – Boston Pizza

February 20 – Tim Horton’s

February 27 – McDonald’s

March – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, February 22nd

March 5 – Subway

March 12 – Wild Wing

March 19 – Nitza’s Pizza

March 26 – Edo Japan

April – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, March 28th

April 9 – Maina’s Donair

April 16 – Boston Pizza

April 23 – Tim Horton’s

April 30 – McDonald’s

May – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, April 25th

May 7 – Nitza’s Pizza

May 14 – Subway

May 21 – Wild Wing

May 28 – Edo Japan

June – Orders will be accepted until Saturday, May 23rd

June 4 – Maina’s Donair

June 11 – Boston Pizza


Thank you for your support of this program.